Versatile Display System

Our new VERSAtile™ displays are especially lightweight, easy to program, extremely bright, durable and surprisingly affordable. The VERSAtile™ system uses common sized LED tiles that allow for unlimited design configurations. 

This ultra-slim, innovative LED unit is the newest concept in indoor/outdoor digital displays and is surprisingly affordable. It’s modular nature gives you the ability to customize your display in limitless ways and makes assembly and installation a breeze. Since this product is so easy to install it’s ideal for short term executions like concerts, sporting events or grand openings.

Because this exclusive product is stocked in our warehouse, your sign can be installed in as little as two weeks!

Our manufacturing partner, SunRiseLED, Inc. is a world-wide leader in the development and manufacturing of LED signs and lighting display technologies.


Click on the video below for an introduction to the Versatile System: 



VERSAtiles™ come in a striking red, super-thin cabinet measuring just 17" x 22.5", and weighing between 14.5 lbs (6.5 kg) and 18.5 lbs (8.5 kg). This makes VERSAtile™ one of the industry's lightest, and easiest LED displays to install.



VERSAtiles™ can be quickly and easily removed, repaired and replaced using two hex wrenches. Individual cabinets can be serviced from the front without disassembling the entire video wall.



VERSAtiles™ are moulded from flame retardant ABS plastic and feature a built-in firewall retainer that ensures VERSAtiles™ stay securely mounted to the aluminum bracket in case of fire.



VERSA™ "Tile Box" carrier protects the tiles and lets you form flat screens, "S" curves and curved walls. Carriers can be customized with angles up to 10° in either direction to match your curved surface.



VERSAtiles™ are designed for optimal inventory control. Due to the sleek, minimalist design VERSAtiles™ are easy to store and track in your inventory, much like a stack of pizza boxes.



The VERSAtile™ "common screen size" design concepts offers unparalleled flexibilty and ease-of-design. from flat displays to "S" curves and half-circles, VERSAtiles™ can do it all.



All VERSAtiles™ are pre-calibrated at the factory to ensure consistent colour and brightness regardless of production run. In the event you would like to adjust your display, VERSAtiles™ can control colour and brightness down to each pixel.



VERSA™ indoor series come with an Ultra Black LED that uses a special black silicon resin to create darker blacks and higher contrast levels.